Feb. 4th, 2012

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I balked a little at posting this one - it draws really heavily on people I know IRL, and it...may not portray them in the most flattering light. And they'll know who they are, too. So...I'm just hoping no one who provided the inspiration for these characters will take offense at the way they are portrayed - because that was the point of all this, really. To show humans being human, in the best and the worst ways.

Title: Choices
Fandom: Original Fiction
Pairing: M/F, although nothing really explicit. Just an established relationship.
Rating: I'm going to go with R, for some dark themes.
Warnings: There is some triggering material in this - mentions of suicide.
A/N: The second in the series of shorts I wrote as my attempt at NaNoWriMo last year. I thought I'd attempt a short story collection that centered around the theme of "unconventional horror" - stories that eschew the standard tropes of horror. So in these stories, there are no heroes, people make the wrong choices sometimes, and nothing is ever really what it seems. Rather than idealize horror, I thought I'd try to write it as I imagined people would actually live it - doing the best they could. /copy-pasta from last post.

Again, I'm posting these in what is essentially reverse comfort order - so I like this a little better than the last one (I think the writing flows better and the storyline is stronger), but I'm still not entirely comfortable with it. It's clunky at points and the ending could use some sprucing up, but here it is, nonetheless.

She sits, and tries not to think about the decision she has to make. )

Please don't hesitate to offer up anything you might have to say about this. I could certainly use the feedback.


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