Feb. 6th, 2012

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Title: Hunted
Fandom: Original Fiction
Pairing: Pretty gen, though there are some mentions of M/F pairings.
Rating: PG-13. Nothing explicit, but a little off-screen violence and some general dark themes.
A/N: Actually the first piece I wrote for NaNo, the idea was suggested to me by a friend once I told him about the kind of stories I was trying to write: I thought I'd attempt a short story collection that centered around the theme of "unconventional horror" - stories that eschew the standard tropes of horror. So in these stories, there are no heroes, people make the wrong choices sometimes, and nothing is ever really what it seems. Rather than idealize horror, I thought I'd try to write it as I imagined people would actually live it - doing the best they could. /copy-pasta from last post.

I am actually fairly comfortable with this piece - I think it came out pretty well. There are some things that could certainly use finessing, but I think overall the story came across like I wanted it to.

Shadows slip by on either side, wet branches slap against skin and leave shallow cuts behind as he darts through the forest. )

I'm not entirely certain I like the way it ended - or, perhaps, just the way I handled it - but interestingly enough, a sequel has been bouncing around in my head for a bit. So, as always, I welcome comments and criticisms, as well as perhaps things you might like to see in a sequel!


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