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Find myself with a little time, so I figured I'd make a real-life update - I don't do these very often, and I figure I should maybe endeavor to for the people who are actually here 'cause they like me and not just because I write.

Laptop fried its hard drive about two weeks ago: after a ridiculously long and laborious process, it's finally fixed (and magically updated to Leopard, which is nice), but I've lost everything. There wasn't much really important on there, but some works in progress and some original works which might have been nice to keep. Oh, well. Win some, you lose some.

New semester's just started. Four classes, and yet I still managed to somehow wind up with class straight through from 10:00 am to about 5:00 pm every day. Except Friday. And 9 hours of lab per week. It's...not a really fun schedule, and I resent my physics lectures being mandatory, but whatever. I'll live.

New semester always means a capella auditions, which is a really painful process. And since our Music Director's also in an upcoming play, and our Assistant Music Director decided to take the semester off, I've been voted Interim AMD, and I'll probably have to lead most of the auditions. Which invariably gives me a headache.

Speaking of which, my headaches (which I'm fairly certain are migraines) have started showing up more frequently recently. I'm sure I should probably go and get checked out and see if I can get on some sort of prescription meds for them, because I literally wanted to just curl up and die last night. I think it was made worse by the fact that I was probably somewhat dehydrated, thanks to the fact that I went and donated platelets yesterday.

I did not expect that to be as awful as it ended up being. Usually, when I donate whole blood, I just hop up from the table like nothing's happened. I can not eat that day and still be perfectly fine. But was bad. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that you're sitting there for a while, and they're just constantly drawing blood out of you and then returning it at something like room temperature. I think it makes your body freak out, or something, because I definitely wanted to vomit by the end of it. And I had to sit and drink water and much on pretzels for a while before I felt okay to get up.

All the same, I'll probably end up doing it again. I'm a good donor, because I'm the right size, and my blood type is O. And I figure it's something...fairly easy for me to do that helps other people out a lot? Potentially. Or something.

As of now, I'm waiting on my boyfriend to meet me, and then we're going to go for bubble tea. Then dinner, an arch sing, and working the table for SHARE, which is the campus organization to support survivors of sexual and relationship violence. Of which I am the co-vice president. And somewhere, somehow, I have to write a introduction to a formal lab report and read a chapter of physics text.

Oh - and there's about 8 or 10 inches of snow sitting around here. Pretty, but hard to get around in. And cold.

So, that's life for me at the moment. I guess I'll try to do these more often - though I guess that's contingent on anyone really caring to read them?
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