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Erm, Hello. This is lady_flamewing's friend Max. At this point i'm nearly sure i'm sharing this "livejournal" whatsit with her, as I AM sitting her typing for what I hope is her journal. Actually there is a good chance this is in fact not lady_flamewing's journal, as I have no freaking clue what I am doing. In other news, glad to be here, here being at home typing this. Well crap, (is cursing prophibited or anything?) I'm already out of stuff to say.. I really should introduce myself shouldn't I? Well you already know that i'm Max, but maybe I'll just throw a super fast rundown in here. I'm one year younger than lady_flame wing (I can't tell what I can or can't say, or what she has or hasn't said. It's kinda like interrogating myself). I'm a big gamer type, currently into World of Warcraft and Counter Strike. I ride horses a lot and uh, let's see, thats kinda it. Is kinda a word? Anyway, thats all I can think to say now but I'm sure I'll come up with more stuff later. Hmm, let me try this whole "New Entry" thing again.

My hair is so freaking blue! I just dyed it the other day when lady_flamewing (gonna have to get used to that) left. Let me just say, bleach is a bad thing. No more bleach for a while. I kinda look like some sort of demented raver in a way now. I haven't actually seen other humans for a few days now, so I'm not sure what people think of it. I just now realized lady_flamewing can see this, HI!! I just discovered the greatest Magic: The Gathering deck ever and I have to go print it out and try it. How do I end this again? A qoute or something? No, I'll put that at the end. Well I'm gonna try and end this now, so I'm gonna sign it or something. Later.

-[DHSoM]Aboshien (I'll explain that later, but thats me)

Little girl on bus route - "You can't fire me! I'm The Ninja!"


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